About Us

about-usWebjobz is a group of International, and domestic Generalist and Niche Job Boards.

Webjobz offer very competitively priced Job Posting Services, Access to our CV database and banner, newsletter advertising opportunities.

One purchase allows you to post your job on one or more applicable job sites including Webjobz,  Webjobz Australia, Webjobz US, Webjobz UKExpatEngineerEngineering Jobs AustraliaEngineering Jobs USEngineering Jobs EuropeMining JobsMedical JobsFinance Jobs, Teaching Jobs and IT Jobs. We also promote your jobs on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Our clients are recruitment companies and advertising agencies looking to place jobs and advertise their clients products and services.

Jobs can be added directly through our websites or via partnering ATS and ERP systems including BroadbeanIdibueQuestJobadderAdLogic and Recruit Advantage.

We are business partners with CareerOne and JobG8 and our main competitor in Australia is Seek.com.au. Internationally we compete directly with OilCareers and RigZone. We believe we offer a more cost effective solution than our competitors. Contact us <here> today for an opportunity to trial our products.


1999 – job site “Jobs @ The Engineer” developed and launched on a free to all basis.

2002 – Paid services introduced.

2003 – ExpatJob.net and ExpatEngineer.net sites replaced “Jobs @ The Engineer”.

2004 – Engineering Jobs Australia established.

2006 – All sites were re-branded with new corporate logos, branding and updated websites. The ExpatJob.net Group business name registered.

2007 – Engineering Jobs Europe, Engineering Jobs US and Mining Jobs launched.

2008 – Medical Jobs, Finance Jobs, Teaching Jobs and IT Jobs launched.

2010 – FIFO Jobs launched.

2011 – Webjobz.com launched.

2012 – KCO Pty Ltd renamed Webjobz Pty Ltd. Webjobz UK, Webjobz US and Webjobz Australia launched.

2012 – Webjobz™ registered as a Trade Name

2013 – Webjobz™ France, Webjobz™ Netherlands, Webjobz™ Germany, Webjobz™ Italy, Webjobz™ Spain, Webjobz™ Europe, Webjobz™ Hong Kong and Webjobz™ China all added

2014 – Partnership with Indeed commenced